At the Arc en Ciel Oléron holiday village, enjoy a great cuisine with a focus on frech local produce and seafood..

At all meals,  fresh fish or meat!

It’s the opportunity to eat well-balanced and enjoy our hearty buffets of starters and  desserts.

For breakfast, threat yourself with organic juices, homemade  jams, local honey and an assortment of breads and pastries every day.

It’s also a time to try french foof ! The seafood is exceptional, oysters are of course the spearhead of local gastronomy being the only ones with the famed red label.

The variety and quality of fish and shellfish are also an important part of our gastronomic heritage. Fishermen from La Cotinière, the major port of Charente-Maritime, bring back no fewer than 90 different species.

In the dining room or on the terrace?

With 3 dining rooms and as many terraces, choose the atmosphere that suits you to enjoy your meal. The placement is free.


This is the formula hotel club by Arc en Ciel

Choice, tasty products, regional recipes and freedom!
With All Inclusive package you just have to enjoy you’re holiday and discover the region with many activities